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    Monthly Impression Dies

    Say goodbye to Quarterly Impression Dies, and hello to Monthly Impression Dies! Starting in October 2023, we will be listing 20-25 impression dies each month. These will be up for the month, then put into retirement. Happy shopping! 
    Many of these are original, hand-carved hubs we're using to make your impression dies, and they may break. If a hub breaks, it will no longer be available. 
    Impression Dies are used to create a fully three dimensional piece of jewelry. These dies will give you amazing detail using flat sheet or small ingots of metal. They are best used with urethane, paper, or an aluminum force that pushes the sheet into the die. Please check out the videos on our YouTube channel to learn all about impression dies! Potter USA YouTube Channel
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    Impression Die River in the Jungle

    Design: 7/8" Diameter From Alling & Co.

    Impression Die David's Three Small Stars

    This small ring depicts 3 small stars of David. It comes from Larter & Sons. Design: 3/16" x 2"

    Impression Die Earl The Bull

    This design measures 15/16" (24mm) long.

    Impression Die The Chain

    3/16” x 3 7/16” or 5mm x 87mm

    Impression Die Frond Covered Orb

    1" diameter

    Impression Die Davis Dress Clip

    WD-Sale 75
    1 1/4" x 1 1/8" (32mm x 30mm)

    Impression Die Western Quatrefoil Pyramid

    9/16" x 9/16" From Breuning Jewelry Co.

    Impression Die Card Suits Set of 4

    A: Hearts Suit FB-U236: ~5/8" x 1/2" (15.6 x 13.2mm). B: Spades Suit FB-U237: ~5/8" x 17/32" (15.2 x 13.5mm). C: Clubs Suit FB-U238: ~11/16" x 5/8" (17 x 15.8mm). D: Diamonds Suit FB-U239: 11/16" x 17/32" (17 x 13.7mm). Foster & Bailey

    Impression Die Guardian of Gaul

    Text in Design: Gallæ custos honoris vendix, "Gallia, guardian of honor, the defender" French 1900s Design: 1-1/2" diameter

    Impression Die Fancy Bar Pin

    7.1 x 58.4mm.

    Impression Die Leafy Link with Pads

    27.1 x 17.2mm. Pads: 6.2mm diameter and 3.5mm diameter

    Impression Die Starfruit Pair

    7.6 x 11.6mm each.

    Impression Die Curtain Clasp

    12.6 x 17.7mm. Bar 5.7mm wide.

    Impression Die Beaded Triangle

    23 x 22mm.

    Impression Die Curved Floral Frame

    24.9 x 45.6mm. Center: 18 x 27.5mm.

    Impression Die Whirled Trio Shot Plate

    A: 16.7mm diameter (formerly SKU Sale 117). B: 11.6mm diameter, ~5mm deep. C: 9.9mm diameter, ~4mm deep (formerly SKU 6-5-20 Whorled Concho).

    Impression Die Double Leaf Drape

    26 x 25.2mm. Each leaf approx. 11mm wide

    Impression Die Big Pickle

    Design: 1-3/4" x 1/2"

    Impression Die Deco Fan Ring Half

    27.4 x 10.4mm. Band ~1.4mm wide.

    Impression Die Artemis in the Sky

    This impression die depicts a woman with dangling earrings among the stars and the moon. From D.M. Watkins Design: 1-3/16" x 7/8"