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    Metal Sheet - Silver/Copper

    1 ounce FINE Silver bars rolled to 16, 18 and 20 gauge. Sold $2 above our cost (after shipping). Best deal on the internet for sheet.

    Copper sheet in 18, 20 and 22 gauge, 5" x 8"

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    Wide Quilted Floral Copper Strip: 1-ft length CFW001

    13/16" Wide 16-gauge Sold in 1-ft. lengths. This is one of the many floral patterns in the collection. This floral design dates back to the early 1920s during the arts and Crafts movement which frequently used floral patterns in more simplistic orientations.

    Wide Star Flower Flourish Copper Strip: 1-ft length CFW003

    15/16" Wide 16-gauge Sold in 1-ft. lengths. This incredibly complex pattern was done in the 1930s in the Art nouveau style which frequently utilized flowing and spiral patterns.

    Copper Sheet 20 Gauge 5" x 8"

    Plain copper sheet, 20 gauge. 5 inch x 8 inch piece CDA #110; 99.9% pure

    Copper Sheet 18 Gauge 5" x 8"

    Copper Sheet 18 Gauge 5" x8". Fully hard CDA # 110; 99.9% PURE.