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    Ring Template

    Ring Template with 3 different ring shapes. Small - 2-7/8" x 7/16" (73mmx12mm), Medium - 2-7/8" x 9/16" (73mmx15mm), Large - 2-7/8" x 5/8" (73mmx16mm). Overall template measures 98mm x 79mm.

    Tool Steel Magnetic Ring Pusher

    Pusher 2 - Ring
    This tool steel ring pusher will give you greater detail in your rings when used on impression dies in a hydraulic press. Size: 3" x 1-1/2"

    2" Magnetic Tool Steel Pusher

    Tool Steel Magnetic Pusher to be used on impression dies in a hydraulic press. 2" diameter. Approx. 3/4" tall, including 1/4" tool steel face. Attaches to upper platen with a magnet.

    Low Humpback Ring Impression Die Former

    Low Humpback
    Use to make humpback rings. Size: 3/4" T x 2-1/4" L x 1" W

    Aluminum Plugs for Making Forces

    An assortment of 10 small pieces of aluminum (sizes vary) that can be used to create a force when pressing impression dies. Sizes will vary from 1/2" - 1". Forces work best when the aluminum is pressed hot. ALWAYS CENTER YOUR WORK. Watch the following videos to see Kevin demonstrating how these work: AND

    High Humpback Ring Impression Die Former

    HIGH Humpback
    For use with the Humpback Ring Former Kit to make higher humpback rings. Size: 7/8" T x 2-2/16" L x 1-1/2" W