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    FSS Dies (Fast Stamping System)

    Kevin Potter designed this first-of-its-kind tool in 2015 with the goal to bridge the gap between an inexpensive pancake die and a $2000 tool-steel die set, commonly used in industrial die striking.

    This new method, invented by Kevin, allows us to produce a die set for under $100, making it affordable to artists who need more production capacity than what a pancake die affords them. The FSS (Fast Stamping System) helps speed up small-scale production of metal blanks, as well as accommodates a wider range of metal gauges than pancake dies. And, it's able to be re-sharpened, if/when needed! The FSS (Fast Stamping System) is a precision tool, and must be treated as such, or you may damage it. Please read the instructions fully before using the FSS (Fast Stamping System).


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    Watch Kevin demonstrate how to use these dies here

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    FSS (Fast Stamping System) Die Set FSS-036 Small Teardrop 5/8"

    Design: 5/8" x 3/8" Die Set Includes: Die Top, with precision-welded cutter Die Bottom, with precision-registered center hole and metal guide marks on bottom- and right-side edges to assist in lining up metal in the die Urethane: Specific to each die set; not interchangeable with other designs. Color may vary. The components of each Die set are not interchangeable with other die sets, but all can be used with a single, standard Die Shoe. MUST BE USED WITH THE FSS DIE SHOE (available separately) Watch Kevin demonstrate how to use this die: