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    Mirrored Madness RMP095

    2" x 7"
    SKU: RMP095

    2" x 7"

    2" x 7"

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    Bubble Wire 1 Ft Copper Wire

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    Morrocan Tile RMP067

    $25.60 $32.00
    Designed to be used in a rolling mill with annealed, non-ferrous metal. Plate Size: ~7" L x 2" W Plate Thickness: ~2.5mm The plate may be slightly curved when it arrives, and that’s okay! It will not harm your rolling mill, as the plates will curve with use anyway. The metal used for the plate is softer than the rolls of a rolling mill and will not damage them. It is also safe to use in a press.

    Ring Dots RMP096

    $25.60 $32.00
    2" x 7"

    Arabesque Floral Chain Pattern Plate RMP097

    $25.60 $32.00
    This pattern plate exhibits an abstract botanical design, useful for any unique piece. Design: 7" long x 2" wide x 2/16" thick

    Pebble Rocks Copper Strip: 1-ft length CFW007

    1/2" Wide, 13-gauge, Sold in 1-ft. lengths