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    Impression Die Round Hammer Pattern

    7/8" diameter
    SKU: CZ061
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    7/8" diameter

    7/8" diameter

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    O'Dwyer Hidden Hinge 10mm

    $42.80 $53.50
    Metalsmith, Kevin O'Dwyer designed this hidden hinge pancake die that will save 6 to 8 hours layout, cutting and filing and guarantees a perfect fit every time!  Perfect for box, vessel and teapot hinging! This is 3.5 inches wide x 3 inches tall. See Kevin O'Dwyer's work at  Silver River Studios

    Out of stock

    Impression Die Fluted Diamond

    This die must be used in a hydraulic press. This image measures 1 3/16" wide  X 1 7/16" tall

    Impression Die Wire Pattern

    This die can be used with a hydraulic press or a hammer This die measures 2 5/8" long x 1/8" wide

    Tool Steel Pusher

    This is a tool steel pusher used with impression dies and pattern bars.

    Wire Die Pusher

    Properly heat treated hi carbon steel. For use in Stamp Border Holder to push wire into certain ring impression dies.