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    Pancake Die 000 Blank

    Make your own die, just use your jeweler's saw! See details on this in the product description.
    SKU: PD 000
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    Pancake Die Opener

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    Pancake Die Opener

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    Copper Sheet 20 Gauge 5" x 8"

    Plain copper sheet, 20 gauge.  5 inch x 8 inch piece CDA #110; 99.9% pure

    2 x 2 Contained Urethane with Pusher

    $47.25 $63.00
    2 x 2 contained urethane with pusher for use with our standard, 2 inch silhouette dies. Comes with container, 95 durometer urethane and metal pusher. NOT for use with impression dies.

    Pancake Die 628 Large Flower

    $22.00 $27.50
    Flower pancake die 1.9 inches in diameter. You need to saw or shear off the tab. Check out our jewelers saw!

    Out of stock

    Pancake Die 600 2" Circle

    $20.40 $25.50
    Circle Pancake Die 2 inches in diameter