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    Impression Die Ring Top 21

    This pattern measures 7/16" wide  X  13/16" tall
    SKU: RT21
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    This pattern measures 7/16" wide  X  13/16" tall

    This pattern measures 7/16" wide  X  13/16" tall

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    Impression Die Blank Puck

    Design your own impression die! Made with special die-carving steel that is easy to carve. Use files, gravers, burs, or chasing tools to carve your own design in the negative.

    3 Inch Urethane - 95 Durometer

    3 inch diameter x 1 inch thick, 95 durometer urethane insert. Can be used with or without a container. If over-squeezed without a container, it will crack. COLOR WILL VARY.

    20 ton Standard Jewelry Press - No Jack

    This press does NOT include the hydraulic jack or pressure gauge. Outer Dimensions: 23 inches high x 16.5 inches wide x 7 inches long. Lower platen working area is 6" x 8". Includes a $300 Gift Card to use toward tools and press accessories!

    Bracelet Former FRAME

    This is for the FRAME of the bracelet former. Frame (3 1/8" from top to bottom, excluding top bolt, and is 3 3/4" including top bolt) Frame is 4 3/4" across at the widest point. The frame is magnetized so the former pieces will be held to the frame for use.

    Large Anticlastic Bracelet Former

    2.5 inch wide Large anticlastic former to be used with bracelet frame. Ships in SMALL flat rate box. Fits the frame and makes a large anticlastic bracelet. Great to use our bracelet pancake dies to cut the metal first, then form with our Bracelet Former kit, for quick cuff bracelets.