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  • Open House February 1 2018

    Open House at Potter USA February 1, 2018, 1934 E. 18th St.

  • Silver and Copper Sheet for sale.

    One ounce silver bars rolled to 16, 18 or 20 gauge sheet. Copper in 18, 20 or 22 gauge, in 5" x 8" sheet.

  • 20 Ton Press from Europe

    Contact for price and shipping.

  • Hydraulic Press

    Press is made of 1/2" thick steel plate. It has been professionally welded and has been tested to far exceed the 20 ton rating. The frame is powder-coated. This is a very durable finish

  • Pancake Dies

    Pancake dies are a great way to produce shapes without cutting with a jeweler's saw or tin snips. You can produce various shapes quickly and easily. Silhouette dies produce puffed shape.

  • Koil Kutter

    Kit includes: Aluminum koil holder lock, 6" long/ Steel top plate for holder/ Saw blade guard for DREMEL Tool (all sizes) with adapter bushing/ 1 saw arbor to fit 3/8" hole blades/ 1 saw blade.   Winder & Mandrels sold separately.

  • Metal Stampings from antique dies
  • Potter Press Stand

    Heavy Duty Deluxe Press Stand holds the standard, Potter USA 20 ton press.

  • We ship worldwide.

    We ship your package wherever you are in the world.

  • Potter Hydraulic press
    Any Potter USA hydraulic press type is available for layaway.
  • $3,097.00 In Stock

     This system consists of a 20 ton electric hydraulic pump and cylinder. This allows for faster cycling. No more hand pumping the jack! Great for those who are looking to increase their productivity or are just tired of pumping a jack.

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  • $150.00 In Stock

    Mini forge for small work. Use with a propane and oxygen torch or with small propane tank with torch. 4.5 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, 1 inch wide forge opening. Includes stand to hold torch. Made of steel tubing with high heat paint, stainless steel stand w/firebrick interior.  Front opening, 1 inch, with 1/2 inch diameter hole in back for torch. Made...

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  • $50.00 In Stock

    This box is different and separate than our November and December boxes. These dont require a subscription and are sold separately than our normal monthly boxes! These are BRAND NEW DESIGNS. They are not the same dies as last years holiday box. These boxes will include 3-5 exclusive items such as pancake dies, impression dies, shot plates, etc.. all...

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  • $39.90 Product available with different options

    Here is our final order of the old bracelet dies with only one tab. These work exactly like the old ones, so they still have a few issues. The measurement of the actual bracelets are the exact same of what is listed on the new dies for reference! No REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES

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    Product available with different options
  • $42.00 In Stock

    This die must be used in a hydraulic press This die measures 3/8'  x  3/8"

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  • 20 ton Hydraulic Jewelry Press made in Paris, ships from Paris, France. Save on import taxes and fees from U.S. Contact Benjamin Reinhold for price & shipping.  or contact via Facebook Benny Reinhold Blue or pink available.

  • $42.00 In Stock
  • $45.00 In Stock

    This die must be used in a hydraulic press. This die measures 1 1/8" wide x 1 3/16" tall

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  • $12.00 In Stock

    U.S. made blades, not import.   3/8" hole, 1 1/4" diameter, 120 teeth

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  • $100.00 In Stock

    Includes:Aluminum koil holder block, 6" longSteel top plate for holderSaw blade guard for DREMEL Tool with adapter bushing (NOTE: Does not fit battery-powered, cordless or very old Dremels). We use a Dremel 200 here in our shop. 1 saw arbor to fit 3/8" hole blades1 saw blade 1  2oz Coil Lubricant ....ALWAYS LUBRICATE YOUR COIL!!  

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  • $7.00 In Stock

    Bag of 10 pieces of urethane for use with impression dies. 95 durometer sheet. Pieces range from approximately 1/2 inch to 1 inch in length. Thickness of each piece is 1/4 inch.  Note: These will fray, crack and deform with use, but you will get many uses from them.

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  • $100.00 In Stock

    Layaway for our presses - 20 ton, 20 ton medium press or the 50 ton. We are not able to hold a particular color for you. Use this option to make a $100 payment. To make several payments at once, adjust the number of this item in your shopping cart. If you need to make a payment in a different amount, please email us and and we can send you a Paypal...

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  • $24.10 In Stock

    Make your own die, just use your jeweler's saw! See details on this in the product description.

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  • $10.00 In Stock

    Pancake Die Opener

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  • $63.00 In Stock

    2 x 2 contained urethane with pusher for use with our standard, 2 inch silhouette dies. Allows for deep embossing of die shape. Comes with container, 95 durometer urethane and metal pusher.

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  • $350.00 In Stock

    Bracelet Former Kit to be used with 20 Ton hydraulic press. Our Bracelet Former Frame is now magnetic - no adapter plate needed! Great to use our bracelet pancake dies to cut the metal first, then form with our Bracelet Former Kit, for quick cuff bracelets.

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  • $40.00 Out of stock

    Use this for winding the wire to make the jumprings. Ships in a medium US Flat rate box.

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  • $26.25 In Stock

    Metric mandrels from 1mm to 13 mm Mandrels are transfer punch sets. You can purchase transfer punch sets elsewhere if necessary, we offer it as a service so you can get everything at one place. Ships in a MEDIUM - US Postal service flat rate box

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  • $24.10 In Stock

    Circle Pancake Die 2 inches in diameter

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