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    Impression Die Large Leaf

    15/16" x 1-3/4" or 24mm x 44.5mm
    SKU: N299

    15/16" x  1-3/4" or 24mm x 44.5mm

    15/16" x  1-3/4" or 24mm x 44.5mm

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    We make a lot of copies of Impression Dies, sometimes pressing can go wrong and aren't perfect. They're still useful dies however we can't exactly send them to the buyer. So here's you chance to get a few impression dies at a great rate.  ** NO PICKING, NO EXCHANGES, NO RETURNS- SOLD AS IS. Grab bag.

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    Impression Die Sol Del Oro

    3/4” Diameter or 19mm Diameter

    LIMITED TIME! Ron Landis Unicorn Impression Die

    AVAILABLE ONLY THROUGH APRIL 5, 2019! Unicorn: approx. 1-1/16" H x 1-1/16" Carved by Ron Landis

    Impression Die Wavy Fleur de lis

    This die is to be used in the Hydraulic Press. It measures 13/16" x 1 1/16" or 20.5mm x 26.8mm.

    Knotty Woodgrain Pattern Plate RMP027

    Designed for use in a rolling mill; will also work in a 20-ton press 2" x ~8" 1/8" thick