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Impression Die Immortal Knight


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1/2" x 1/2" or 13mm x 13mm

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1/2" x 1/2" or 13mm x 13mm

The Immortal Knight

    To this day, many parents in the city of Thetford tell their children of the Immortal Knight, the guardian of the Thetford forests. This is a cautionary tale mostly told to keep the children from wandering aimlessly into the forest. However the effect of this tale is far greater, for these people love and respect the woods around them. How did this come to be? It was 1658 when Thetford was but a small village on the verge of catastrophe.

The village was found by lumberjacks as the forests here were massive and had barely been touched by man. They were a resource ready to be harvested in the name of progress. The wood from the Thetford forests was sturdier and much easier to work with than any other of it’s time. Eventually the lumberjacks of Thetford were far more prosperous than any other laborers around the globe.

As time went on the forest shrunk more and more until it was just a small grove. The lumberjacks moved in to clear what remained of Thetford’s majestic forest, but they were stopped by a single high-pitched scream. It came from no man or woman, nor any child. Amidst the grove was a single tree that was larger than any other. A face formed out of its leaves and screamed. The lumberjacks ran in fear, believing this to be the work of demons.

When they returned to Thetford, plans were made to address this ‘demon’. The lumberjacks having quite the fortune first hired an exorcist, hoping this would clear the grove. As the exorcist approached the grove, the face reappeared. The man chanted his incantation that would remove evil before him, and in return the face screamed. Not in agony, but the same scream that horrified the lumberjacks. So the exorcist ran, fearing this was worse than any mere demon.

This time the loggers hired some mercenaries. Their plan was to use dynamite to destroy the grove. Although not ideal for the lumberjacks, it seemed better than leaving a ‘demon’ in their backyard. The mercenaries approached the grove but were stopped by wolves and stags alike. Creatures that normally opposed each other stood together to protect this small grove.

Low on money and with nowhere to go, the town asked the assistance of a knight. This knight had served in the war that took Ireland in the name of England. He had seen many fall in the pursuit of so-called progress. As he approached the grove, the face reappeared. The man amazed at the beauty of the grove, dropped his weapon, got on his knees and apologized to the tree. The face did not scream at his presence, merely waited. He stood up and turned to the lumberjacks, ‘You must leave this forest, you have upset this spirit and taken much of its domain.’

The laborers stood in awe, as the knight they hired was backed by dozens of wild animals. Animals such as; wolves, deer, foxes, and even boars that were long believed to be extinct in the region. The loggers began to get upset and a few began cutting trees on the outskirts of the grove. Once again the spirit screamed, this time in agony. The knight disarmed the lumberjacks, every axe that was lodged into wood lost it’s handle to his blade. The laborers ran in fear, hearing the knight in the distance, ’So long as I shall stand, these woods will not fall to the greed of man!’

As the years passed the grove once again became the mighty forest it once was. Sightings of the knight have been reported over the centuries. These reports are more specifically of a man with with glowing green eyes wielding a greatsword. Whether it’s the same man is up to you, however to this day, if someone walks through the forests of Thetford with an axe they may feel the ominous gaze of the knight upon them.

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Impression Die Immortal Knight

Impression Die Immortal Knight

1/2" x 1/2" or 13mm x 13mm


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