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20 ton Standard Jewelry Press - No Jack

20 ton w/out jack

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This press does NOT include the hydraulic jack or pressure gauge. Outer Dimensions: 23 inches high x 16.5 inches wide x 7 inches long. Lower platen working area is 6" x 8".

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Please allow 5 to 7 business days in order to prepare this item for shipment.

International Sites will be charged additional shipping upon review of the order. We will contact you for payment.

Shipped FREIGHT.  See notes below.

FREIGHT DELIVERY: The minimum freight charge is $225 in the continental US. When order is placed we will do a quote for actual amount of shipping. If the charge is more, we will notify you and invoice you for the difference in price. 

To save money - an option is to pick it up at the freight depot. Product is on a 2 foot x 2 foot wooden pallet. This option will save around $75.

Truck will deliver to your home - to your door. If there is a request to bring the press inside, there is an additional fee of at least $85 that you will be assessed. Any additional requests have fees attached by the shipping company. We will then bill you for the additional fees.


PURCHASE in Paris, France from Benny Reinhold email

20 Ton Hydraulic Jewelry Press Without Jack or Gauge

The Potter USA Press has been designed to safely and efficiently form metal in a jewelry studio environment. It has many features including its 1/2 inch steel plate construction, with no welds on the entire press (just on the upper and lower platens). Bolts, nuts and support brackets make it extremely strong and rigid. The press is compact and elegantly designed. 

Must be bolted to a strong table for safe use. Bolt to surface through the feet, using 1/2 13 thread bolt or a strong C-clamp. So not use a portable tool chest or any other light table, as it can all fall over during use.

The upper platen is 8 inches wide x 5 in deep, and the Lower Platen is 8 inches wide x 6 inches deep x 1 inch thick resist flexing and distortion under the most extreme use.

The upper platen is held in with a bolt and is removable. The upper and lower platens can be replaced with 8 in x 8 in aluminum platens, available for order on our website.

Outer Dimensions: 23 inches high x 16.5 inches wide x 7 inches long.

The space between platens is approx. 7 inches if you use a standard height jack, and 9 inches if you use a low profile jack. The low profile jack allows for more space to do deep-draw work.

The frame has a lifetime warranty. Should it ever be damaged or malfunction in anyway, it will be repaired or replaced at no cost.

Press is made of 1/2" thick steel plate. It has been tested to far exceed the 20 ton rating. The frame and platens are powder-coated.

  • Affordable
  • Highly compact
  • Bench mounted
  • Very easy to use
  • Many accessories available
  • Works with other press manufacturer's accessories
  • Lifetime Warranty on press frame
  • Space between platens: 7 inches with a standard height jack or 9 inches with a low profile jack.
  • 6 inch deep x 8 inch wide lower platen
  • Outer dimensions: 23 inches High x 19 inches wide x 10 inches deep.
  • Frame is made to allow for transition to an electric hydraulic system if requested.

The frame will fit a 20 ton Harbor Freight jack as well as any other 20 ton jack on the market. We can assist with jack selection.





Just the BEST !

Fantastic ! Solid , small footprint . You can see every operation from all sides, nothing is blocking your view .
The price is great too also I believe there are no critical welds to wear or brake .Powder coating paint is very thick and should
last forever even with some bumps and dings . Over a great looking piece of machinery that I’m proud to have in my shop !

  • 10 out of 10 people found this review useful.

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20 ton Standard Jewelry Press - No Jack

20 ton Standard Jewelry Press - No Jack

This press does NOT include the hydraulic jack or pressure gauge. Outer Dimensions: 23 inches high x 16.5 inches wide x 7 inches long. Lower platen working area is 6" x 8".


Danielle, 07/17/2015
How much does this press weigh?
The press frame weighs 65 pounds without a jack and is shipped using the US Postal Service.
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Lorie, 08/18/2015
What color do you have this in stock at the moment? Thank you
It is a very light blue.
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Barbara, 09/28/2015
Where can I find directions for its use, so I can know if this is the right piece of equipment for me? How do I make it work? Thank you.
We are currently working on directions. In the meantime, the best thing to do is to go to the video section of our website and watch the numerous videos. We also have videos on our YouTube channel and videos by Joni Kisro and Melissa Muir are also on You Tube.
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Domino, 10/5/2015
Can this be pre ordered in a specific color?
We do our best to carry as many options of colors with each batch of presses we do , but this will vary every time depending on what the powder coater has available. It is very difficult to pre-order a specific color unless you are willing to wait an extended period of time and pay additional charges, as it is more expensive to do specific colors.
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Mariemichelle, 11/12/2015
I want to cut 16g sheet using your pancake dies, is this press ok to use with 16 g or thicker sheet? Thanks!
Yes. Our pancake dies work with 16 to 22 gauge non-ferrous metals.
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Lynn, 12/10/2015
What is the benefit of this 20 ton press over the medium press?
The benefit is that you will a lot more room for larger pieces, it is more versatile, and it can upgraded to Electric Hydraulic at any point.
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Mary, 01/28/2016
will bonnie doon accessories work with your presses?
Yes, they will.
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Becky, 11/10/2016
Is there a ring forming kit like the bracelet kit ava. for this kit? Thank you
The ring forming would be used by purchasing the bracelet frame and the ring former die, listed under the bracelet former section. There is not a specific kit for it.
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Charles, 12/3/2017
How does your layway work. Do I have to pay in full by christmas or can make monthly payment until paid off then shiped
Layaway payments can be made on your schedule. You do not have to pay by a certain date. You can select the color of the press at the time you have paid off the press and it is ready to ship.
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