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Pancake Die 000 Blank

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Make your own die, just use your jeweler's saw! See details on this in the product description.

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Pancake Die 000 Blank

Pancake Die 000 Blank

Make your own die, just use your jeweler's saw! See details on this in the product description.


Karen, 09/2/2015
Can you tell me the width of this die? I couldn\'t see it in the descriptions. Thank you!
It is 3 inches wide and the cutting space is 2 inches high. You would need to leave space on each edge so the die would not warp when cutting. Maybe 1/2" on each side.
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Lorena, 09/2/2015
Hi there,
How could I make my own die with your supplies?
thank you,

You can cut your own die with our Blank pancake die by drawing your pattern onto the die and following the line. Use any blade on a jeweler\'s saw and cut at an angle. The thinner the blade you use, the thinner the metal that can be used with the die.
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Anna, 09/5/2015
What kind of steel are the pancake dies made out of?
The pancake dies are made of 1018 cold-rolled steel.
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Caroline, 06/15/2016
Hi there
what jewelrs blades would you need to be able to cut this steel? I take that it is guage plate or ground flat stock? I did not think a jewelers saw could cut that?

Thanks Caroline x
A jeweler\'s will work just fine to cut this die, you don\'t need any special blades. I use Hercules, mostly because they\'re the easiest for me to get.
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Jeff, 10/8/2016
Please explain angle(how much). What would correct saw blade be for 20 guage sheet?
I like to use a 2 OT, but if you can get away with thinner that would help a lot. Keep your design fairly simple for your first few dies. You can cut it at a slight angle, to help compensate for blade thickness. I have that unless you have the proper tools to cut at angles, it is difficult. I prefer to cut straight.
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jill, 11/15/2016
what gauge metal will your pancake dies cut?
The blank dies can potentially cut thinner metal. The thinner the saw blade you use to cut, the thinner metal you can use. Below is the information for our other pancake dies.

Potter USA Pancake Die Information:

1. The pancake dies are designed to cut non-ferrous metal (copper, silver, brass, gold, nickel) 20 gauge and thicker to about 16 gauge.

2. They work best when the metal is hard. If the metal is too soft, you will get a burr and it will be difficult to remove your part from the die. DO NOT ANNEAL METAL FIRST.

3. The dies only work in one direction - with words FACE DOWN

4. I will send them to you pre-sprung so that you know where to put the metal.

5. If you use metal that is too thick or too thin, it is possible to damage the die.

As long as you stay within the recommended gauges, the dies should last you many years under normal use.
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Jean, 01/6/2017
Will this blank need to be tempered once the design is cut? If so, do you include information on how to do that?
None of our pancake dies are tempered. This does not need to be tempered after it is cut.
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