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    Impression Die Life and Death

    15/16" x 11/16" or 34mm x 17.5mm
    SKU: BT180
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    15/16" x 11/16" or 34mm x 17.5mm

    15/16" x 11/16" or 34mm x 17.5mm

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    6 x 8 Aluminum Spacer

    This spacer is 6''  x  8''  and 1'' thick. Non magnetic Spacers are used in the press to lessen the amount of effort needed to extend the jack and activate the items being used in the press. Top and bottom platens are not meant to touch - it will cause the jack to overextend and cause leaking, or for jack to fail. Always use metal pieces on lower platen to take up space between platens.

    Impression Die Cross Pendant

    This die must be used in a hydraulic press.  This die measures 1 3/8" around

    Urethane Pieces

    Bag of 10 pieces of urethane for use with impression dies. 95 durometer sheet. Pieces range from approximately 1/2 inch to 1 inch in length. Thickness of each piece is 1/4 inch.  Note: These will fray, crack and deform with use, but you will get many uses from them.

    Impression Die Large Celtic Knot

    This die must be used in a hydraulic press. This die measures 1 1/8" around

    Tool Steel Pusher

    This is a tool steel pusher used with impression dies and pattern bars.