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    Impression Die Elegant Leaf

    1" x 7/16"
    SKU: JT112
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    1" x 7/16"

    1" x 7/16"

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    Impression Die Nature's Reclamation

    1 5/16" x 1/4"

    1933 Spiraling Flourish 1ft Strip CFW013

    1 wide" x 1 long' A pattern from the Frank Morrow Company. The roll die is stamped with a date in 1933.

    3 x 2 contained urethane w/pusher

    $58.80 $73.50
    3 inch diameter x 2 inch height contained urethane with metal pusher (pusher not pictured). Comes with 95 durometer urethane.  ***You can use this with 2 inch silhouette dies, BUT, the impression will not be able to get as deep as with the 2 x 2 contained urethane. NOT for use with impression dies.

    Out of stock

    Pancake Die 781 Fish

    $20.40 $25.50
    Pancake Die 781 Fish 1 1/2" long

    Magnetic Holder for Mushroom Formers

    This product is to be use with Potter USA Mushroom Formers This works with Bonny Doon and Potter USA presses