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Kevin Potter began as fine jeweler in Tucson, Arizona. He specialized in carving custom waxes and casting but also drew
the designs and set stones, essentially designing pieces from start to finish. He eventually worked into having his own line
of jewelry that was sold in stores throughout the US. Kevin gained experience using machine tools while attending The
University of Arizona, where he received a BFA in drawing/painting.

He worked in the machine shop on campus and eventually started his own machine shop where he used his tools for the
production of stainless steel jewelry. He quickly decided to make silversmithing stakes. He always enjoyed using them in
college, but could never afford to purchase them. After he made his first few sets, he advertised them on Craig's list in
several cities known as artist communities: Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, etc.

 Kevin always liked Otto Frei jewelry supply and contacted them about his stakes. They liked them and decided to carry
 his line of stakes. Gradually he began to make other tools and started the Potter USA website with the help of a friend
 who was a retired computer programmer.

   Kevin at bench 1997    
   Kevin at the bench, 1997

Our team

Kevin Potter owns the company with his wife, Danielle. Kevin works full time for the business. Danielle joined the
business full-time in July 2015 and does bookkeeping, website management, marketing and any other items that
arise. Eventually their son, Vincent, will be assisting with the tool manufacturing. As he gets closer to driving
age, the motivation to work for money will surely arrive!

Lauren Thompson is the one you will talk to when you call us. She answers the phone, processes the orders and
helps to keep Kevin on task with keeping items in stock. She also has done welding and other tasks to assist Kevin
in making the tools. We are happy to have her with us.

Brianna Schaub is Lauren's assistant. She helps with packing, inventory, social media (Instgram, Pinterest) and
found a photographer for our products! She works part-time while attending beauty school.

Jen King is Kevin's assistant as well as Lauren's assistant. She helps to pack boxes, build products and learn about
the products. She sought out Potter USA because she loves the quality of the tools and figured it would be a great place
to work. She makes jewelry and has enjoyed learning tips from Kevin.

Robert Hockings is Kevin's assistant. He assists with machining tools, drills holes, builds tools before they are shipped
and pays great attention to detail. He is a fellow VW fan and has several he drives. He and Kevin met while driving their
VW bugs in the early 1990's.

Kevin would like to thank his many friends who love to come hang out at the shop and go to frequent lunches. They have
all been great sounding boards for business ideas and even encourage some crazy ideas!